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Learn the skills to successfully navigate change 

Change happens all the time, whether we choose it or it chooses us.

Yet, when faced with change, many organizations primarily focus on the process. Successful change takes more than that—it’s your people who make change happen. And as people, we’re wired to react to change to survive, which can make change feel difficult or threatening. Successful leaders engage their people in change, making it feel less uncertain and more like an opportunity.

When we recognize that change follows a predictable pattern, we can learn to manage our reactions and understand how to navigate change, both functionally and emotionally. This allows us to consciously determine how to best move forward—even in the most challenging stages. Change: How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity helps individuals and leaders learn how to successfully navigate any workplace change to improve results.


Build individual confidence through a predictable pattern of change. Employees with increased confidence harness change, turn uncertainty into opportunity, and exceed desired results.
Successfully lead people through the human reactions of change. Leaders who understand the fundamental principles of human reactions engage teams to want to achieve and exceed targeted change results.
Optimize any change-management process. Change effectiveness is not just a process—it is also about people. Equip employees at all levels to accelerate and optimize change, even beyond the initial possibilities.


The course consists of three modules:



Module 1:

Lead Yourself Through Change

Individual Contributors and Leaders

Understand the five common reactions to change.

Navigate each zone of the Change Model:

  • Zone of Status Quo: Prepare, Don’t Avoid
  • Zone of Disruption: Clarify, Don’t Delay
  • Zone of Adoption: Persist, Don’t Give Up
  • Zone of Innovation: Explore, Don’t Settle

Module 2:

Lead Your Team Through Change, 

Part 1

  • Identify the leader’s role in change and the costs of change.
  • Define the leader’s key mindset and skillset
  • Lead teams through Status Quo: Envision, Don’t Just Convey.

Module 3:

Lead Your Team Through Change,

Part 2

  • Lead teams through Disruption: Dialogue, Don’t Dictate.
  • Lead teams through Adoption: Engage, Don’t Ignore.
  • Lead teams through Innovation: Inspire, Don’t Stifle.


You will receive the Change Participant Kit including:

  • Change Participant Guide
  • Change tools
  • Change Model
  • Reaction Cards


Program Cost: $479.00

Duration: 1 day, three 90 minute sessions (Live Online)  |  4.5 Contact Hours | .6 CEU | 5.4 CPE  |


*Materials will be shipped. FranklinCovey cannot guarantee arrival prior to the beginning of the session if registration is within 7 business days of the date of the program. Electronic downloads of participant guidebook will be available prior to the Zoom session.


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