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Register for The 13 Behaviors® of High-Trust Leaders

Upcoming Dates
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Day 1

  • The Case for Trust
    • Quantify the Specific “Trust Taxes” That Are Affecting Your Current Projects and Initiatives
    • Identify the Behaviors That Slow Speed and Increase Costs in Your Work Environment
    • Learn the Three Dimensions of Creating Trust
    • Create a Customized Plan to Close the Trust Gaps That Are Impacting Your Team


  • Self Trust—The Principle of Credibility
    • Take Responsibility for Increasing Your Own Personal Credibility, and Model Trust Through Character and Competence
    • Clarify the Specific Reasons You Can Be Trusted
    • Practice the Critical Leadership Skill of Declaring Intent
    • Create an Action Plan to Increase Personal Credibility


  • Relationship Trust—The Principle of Behavior (Part 1)
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Identify the “Counterfeit Behaviors” That Create Low Trust
    • Practice Key Conversations to Build Trust with New and Existing Employees—Repairing Trust When It Has Been Lost
    • Practice the 13 Behaviors That Are Foundational to Every High-Trust Culture



Day 2 

  • Relationship Trust—The Principle of Behavior​​​​​​​ (Part 2)​​​​​​​


  • Organizational Trust- The Principle of Alignment
    • Aligning Your Organization's Credibility, Symbols, and Systems With Principles of Trust


  • Market Trust- The Principle of Reputation
    • Building a Strong Reputation With Your Stakeholders


  • Societal Trust- The Principle of Contribution
    • Making a Positive Contribution to Your World


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