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How Can I Be a Leader Others Choose to Follow?

Leaders create culture. What they value gets valued. What they reward, punish, tolerate, and reinforce becomes the established norms for their team. Great leaders understand their team culture reflects who they are. They intentionally shape a high-trust culture by modeling credibility and by behaving in ways that inspire trust in those around them. Based on the best-selling book, The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey, the Inspire a Culture of Trust module will help you develop skills based on three key principles: The 4 Cores® of Credibility, the 13 Behaviors® of High-Trust Leaders, and Building a High-Trust Culture.




Leader credibility comes from a leader's character and competence, and is built from the inside-out. Leaders who model the 4 Cores of Credibility ensure their behavior is congruent with their values.


A high-trust culture is a function of a leader's credibility and behavior. There are 13 Behaviors that have been proven to establish relationships of trust.

While each behavior has an opposite, the most common mistakes are conterfeitsbehaviors that look like the real thing, but like conterfeit money, are worthless and disingenuous. To create a high-trust culture, leaders not only need to model the 13 Behaviors, but actively reward and support them among their team members.


As leaders focus on increasing their own personal credibility and behaving in ways that increase trust between themselves and others, they lay the foundations for their team culture. Leaders need to articulate to themselves and their team what they want their culture to be. They identify the team norms, values, and processes that will reinforce the team culture they want, and ensure that all team behaviors are aligned to support it. Ultimately, they create culture by what they model and support.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the role a leader’s behavior plays in creating team culture.
  • Describe the key role they play as a leader to Inspire trust and set the tone for their team.
  • Assess credibility strengths and opportunities to improve.
  • Take action to accelerate their credibility.
  • Explore how the 13 Behaviors of High Trust Leaders are related to the ability to build a high-trust culture.
  • Create a plan to practice the 13 Behaviors of High-Trust Leaders.
  • Articulate the high-trust team culture desired.
  • Link credibility and behavior to the culture of the team.
  • Identify key insights that will help the create an implementation plan.

Who should take this course:

First-Level, Mid-Level and Senior-Level Managers

What You Receive:

  • Participant Workbook
    • Self-Assessment and Insights
    • Leadership Implementation Plan: Feedback Approach and Coaching Framework
    • Leadership Card Deck
  • World-class Facilitator
  • Money-back Guarantee

Length of Training:

2 hours 15 minutes

Two webinar workshop sessions:

  • Session A: 11:00 am–12:30 pm ET
  • 45 Minute Break
  • Session B: 1:15 pm–3:00 pm ET

*Materials will be shipped. FranklinCovey cannot guarantee arrival prior to the beginning of the session if registration is within 7 business days of the date of the program. Electronic downloads of participant guidebook will be available prior to the LiveClicks session.

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