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Accelerate performance by building trust in leadership

The 13 Behaviors® of High-Trust Leaders is a highly interactive workshop that engages leaders at all levels identifying and closing the “trust gaps” within their organizations. When a trust gap exists, everything takes more time and costs more money. Trust-related problems start appearing.  Relationships decay, projects fail, initiatives under-perform, productivity suffers, and employees become disengaged or leave.

High-trust leaders don’t leave trust to chance. They intentionally make building trust a goal so their teams can reap the benefits: enhanced innovation, improved collaboration, and increased engagement. Attending this two-day program will give you the tools to increase your credibility and practice 13 specific behaviors that build trust with others.


How You Will Benefit:

  • Increase your personal credibility with others
  • Behave in ways that inspire trust
  • Align your team’s systems and processes with high-trust principles
  • Improve your team’s reputation and results
  • Make your team members more successful


What You Will Cover:

  • The Case for Trust – Identify the trust gaps and Trust Taxes that slow speed and increase costs.
  • Self Trust: The Principle of Credibility – Become a model of trust and increase your own credibility.
  • Relationship Trust: The Principle of Behavior – Replace counterfeit behaviors with the 13 Behaviors® to develop and restore, trust in your key relationships.


Prework Required:

Upon registration, you will receive a link to the Trust Quotient®, (tQ) a self-administered 360-degree assessment that measures how you and others perceive your credibility and performance relative to The 13 Behaviors® of High-Trust Leaders.


What You Receive:

  • Participant Guidebook that is a 88-page manual is beautifully designed with examples and exercises that continue to enhance the learning process after the workshop is over.

  • The Speed of Trust® Paperback Book. 

  • The Speed of Trust® Action Cards.

  • Weekly Trust Huddle Guide

  • Speed of Trust® Digital Coach App 

  • Trust Action Plan and Leader Accountability Plan downloads.

  • Money-back Guarantee


Duration: 2 days (Live In-Person or Live Online)  |  1.2 CEU, 14 CPE, 12 PDU

Standard pricing: $2395 Sale price $1895




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