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The New World of Selling Online 



Sales Leaders, are you finding it difficult to prospect and connect with potential new buyers? Are the approaches that worked well in the past now falling flat? Are you searching for what to do now especially in this new online world?

In this new environment of selling online, knowing and understanding the best practices to communicate and lead a live-online sales call is critical to helping your clients succeed.

Join us where we will share the key essentials for navigating sales in 2021. You will leave this session with a new perspective and approach that can begin the successful recovery of your new business pipeline.

During this hour we’ll also discuss:

  • How to optimize how you interact in a digital world. 
  • The plan for mutual success between the salesperson and client.
  • How to precondition to accomplish the best outcome for both the salesperson and the client.

This discussion is designed to help decision makers and sales leaders understand an approach to developing breakthrough prospecting and excellent online client meetings.

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via email after registration.

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Webcast Date/Time


March 30, 2021

11:00 am-12:00 pm ET




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