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Optimizing Client Interaction in a Digital World

You have probably noticed that in-person meetings are no longer the meeting preference for many of your clients. To accomplish desired goals, your team must understand how to optimize interaction, connect with new buyers, and progress sales deals in a way that will help your clients succeed.

Join us for a live 60-minute webcast with sales experts Jeff Downs and Mark Winn (Senior Director of Sales at Infineon) where they will discuss best practices for selling in a digital world. Mark has decades of experience with leading sales teams, helping his salespeople prospect, and driving qualified opportunities.

This will be an interactive panel discussion that is designed for decision makers and sales leaders.

Register today!

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Webcast details will be sent

via email after registration.

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 Webcast Date/Time


September 28, 2021

11:00 am-12:00 pm ET




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