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Leaders like you are under pressure to show real change and impact through development. The only way to get there is through wide-reaching collective behavior change throughout your organization. 

During this exclusive webcast, you will learn how FranklinCovey’s combination of powerful content, a team of experts, and the new Impact Platform™ is the easiest, most effective way to generate behavior change at scale. 

You will hear from Patrick Maguire—a former Disney executive, and FranklinCovey’s new SVP of Content—and Will Houghteling—founder of Strive and VP of Platforms for FranklinCovey. 

The new FranklinCovey Impact Platform will: 

  • Increase learner engagement through a single, simple interface. 
  • Allow you to deliver FranklinCovey’s powerful, principle-based content in the approach that works best for your learners. 
  • Empower L&D leaders to measure participant engagement, enjoyment, and impact to help make strategic investments. 

Join this webcast to learn how FranklinCovey's combination of powerful content, a team of experts, and our new Impact Platform drive behavior change at scale to build exceptional leaders, teams, and cultures that get results.

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Webcast details will be sent

via email after registration.

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Webcast Date/Time


February 22, 2023

1:00 pm-2:00 pm ET




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