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Sales leadership is, simply put, a tough job.

Dealing with ever-increasing sales goals, competing priorities, and intense competition leaves many sales organizations challenged to execute the plan.

From our research, we know that the best-performing sales organizations don’t only define their critical sales performance gaps, they use a proven sales system to scale the actions that matter most and unleash the collective energy of their sales teams.

In this power-packed discussion, you'll discover:

  • Bitesize mindsets and behaviors from the world’s top performers that can be integrated into daily workflows.
  • The sales system that will help you close gaps and scale the vital few behaviors that actually matter.
  • An elevated approach that will help your sales professionals go from looking and sounding like everyone else to standing out as the superior choice.

This discussion is part of a series. In this session, we will uncover a proven sales execution system, in addition to that above.

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 Webcast Date/Time


February 27, 2024

11:00 am-12:00 pm ET




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